Philipp Winterstein

3D Animator


Philipp Winterstein

Education @ Pixl Visn - Media Arts Academy

- 3D Animation & VFX Generalist

Internship @ Pixomondo

Asked by my mentor Johnathan Symmonds
to work on Game of Thrones - S6

Animator @ Pixomondo

- Junior Animator
- Animator
- Lead Animator

Animator @ Framestore

- Animator
- Senior Animator

‘Outstanding Animated Character in an Episode or Real-Time Project’
Game of Thrones – Eastwatch/Drogon Meets Jon

I have had the privilege of giving an online interview as Lead Animator of Pixomondo.

Check it out on VFX Online

creative and technical animation skills

technical & Maya knowledge

problem-solving capabilities

write my own scripts (python)

I’m currently part of the animation team at Framestore Montreal, Canada.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio.
Philipp Winterstein