Philipp Winterstein

3D Animator


Philipp Winterstein


originally from South Africa

Domicile #2

moved and lived in Austria

Domicile #3

moved and lived in Cologne, Germany


3D & VFX Generalist at Pixl Visn - Media Arts Academy


Asked by my mentor Johnathan Symmonds to join Pixomondo to work on 'Game of Thrones - S6'

#1 Job | Domicile #4

moved and lived in Frankfurt, Germany - working for Pixomondo

#2 Job | Domicile #5

moved and live in Montreal, Canada - working for Framestore

‘Outstanding Animated Character in an Episode or Real-Time Project’
Game of Thrones – Eastwatch/Drogon Meets Jon

I have had the privilege of giving an online interview as Lead Animator of Pixomondo.

Check it out on VFX Online

worked myself into and was part of the core team of Pixomondo

contributing with my animation skills - creatively and technically

technical & Maya knowledge

problem-solving capabilities

write my own scripts (python)

I’m currently part of the animation team at Framestore Montreal, Canada.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio.
Philipp Winterstein